2021 Year-End Reflection - 'Tis the Season

Christmas Gratitude Year-End Reflection

How is it already December? It's the last month of the year and we're only weeks away from 2022. 

The year has certainly passed by quickly and perhaps time flies when you're having fun. So no complaints right!

As the owner of this boutique, I'd like to reflect upon the year and look back on the achievements and areas of improvement for 2022, not only professionally but personally too.

Merry Christmas with Hot Cocoa


Most definitely I am grateful for ALL of my customers who have supported me through this journey. Whether it's through a purchase, a follow/like/share on social media to simple words of encouragement. All of this has meant the world to me and it keeps me going despite moments of despair.

Thank you all for helping me keep my dreams alive and to keep persevering. My vision for Sisterberry in 2022 is to keep growing and evolve yet maintain the core values of our business. To never lose sight of the mission statement Sisterberry has written out - by empowering women, providing high quality products and giving back to our local charity.

Merry Christmas and God bless!


Owner of Sisterberry & Co.


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