Happy International Women's Day

Today marks International Women's Day, a day that inspires me to cheer and be an ally to my fellow peers.

Women sitting on staircase

When I watch movies like Mean Girls, it brings a lot of truth (and humour) to the reality of how we treat each other at times. Viewing other females as a revival is certainly not my style. I'm a girls' girl and have been blessed to be surrounded by strong, loving, kind and generous women in my life. Starting with my family, filled with many beautiful ladies whom I hold high-esteem and regard for. They have set a great example and shown me how powerful it is when you're an ally with one another. 

Building each other up rather than apart is a much better way to live, don't you think? Life is way too short.

Life is also so much better with girlfriends by your side too. Like honestly, what's better than a girls night out? Share with us the women in your lives that have made a positive impact. 

We'd love to hear from you!

With so much love & grace,

Sisterberry & Co.


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