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Sweeten your face with the simple use of honey as a face mask!

Honey is so versatile! We use it as a natural sweetener in foods but it can also sweeten your skin too!

There's nothing like going to the spa and getting a facial done by a professional. It's relaxing, calming and very much a nice treat for yourself! But you can also bring the same effects at home for your DIY facial. 

Honey Facial Beauty Hacks

A professional aesthetician once used honey on my face as a mask and I thought it was unusual. It was a first for me as I'm used to having clay masks applied to my face. However, after my 1 hour facial session, I learned about the benefits of honey for our skin.

First, it's perfect for any skin type. It's hydrating, moisturizing and contains natural healing properties. It can also be used on wounds and helps lifts acne scars. It removes the dullness from your skin and will naturally renew it.

Ever since that day at the spa, I've been incorporating honey masks as my weekly ritual and my skin has been glowing. It's my go-to mask when I soak in the bath since I lay in there longer than I should! My face feels nourished and rejuvenated afterwards.

Try our various lines of honey today and experience the benefits yourself! It's like a dessert for your face and you won't regret it.

Love always,

Sisterberry & Co.



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