How to Create the Best Bath Ever!

The best way to wind down after a stressful day is to soak in a warm bath. Keep reading to learn how to create the best bath!

Clawfoot Bathtub

Step 1: Music

Piano Keys

The first rule of them is to create an atmosphere that's so relaxing that you'll never want to leave your bathroom! You'll want to turn on a playlist that's a sound that you're really vibing. It could be background noise of nature, the sounds of ocean, jazz or top 40s hits. Whatever sounds that makes you feel relaxed, turn it on!

Step 2: Candles

Following music, candles are a must! The flicker of candles create an ambiance that is so calming to the soul.

Step 3: Bath Salts

Once candles are lit, running a bath with dead sea salts are the best for muscle recovery, detoxification and gentle exfoliation of the skin. Mixing it with lavender for relaxation or rose petals for smooth skin is always a bonus. Include a soft sponge in the bath to really give yourself a nice scrub!

Step 4: Honey Face Mask

And of course, we cannot forget skin-care while soaking in the bath. As previously mentioned, honey is versatile and is great as a face mask. It reduces inflammation, acne scars and has anti-bacterial properties too. We recommend Manuka honey for this treat! Don't forget to wear a spa headband to keep honey away from sticking to your hair.

Step: 5 Vino

Soak in the bath until your heart desires and your state of mind will be in a relaxed state, guaranteed! Pair it with a nice glass of vino and you'll truly enjoy every moment to yourself.


Step 6: Body Oil

Lastly, don't forget to moisturize your skin with some body oil once you get out of the bath. We like using jojoba oil as it's the closet state to our natural skin oils. The ones we carry at Sisterberry & Co. are organic and Non-Gmo, healthy for your skin and planet!

Taking a bath is a real luxury and a nice treat as a self-care routine. Let us know how you wind down after a stressful day in the comments below. We'd love to hear from you!

God bless!

Sisterberry & Co.


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