How to Care for Your Jewellery

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With Valentine's Day around the corner, what better time it is to gift someone you love or treat yourself to a piece of jewellery.

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Here's how to care for your jewellery and make it last a lifetime this Valentine's Day!

Jewellery Polishing Cloth

We recommend using a jewellery polishing cloth to keep your sterling silver and gold jewellery shiny and new. With a little bit of patience, your jewellery will be restored to its original state.

We don't suggest using toilet paper, tissue or paper towels to polish your jewellery. It is abrasive and can leave unpleasant marks and scratches. Avoid dipping your jewellery into cleaning solutions since the chemicals may be too harsh.

Pro tip: Rub your silver/gold jewellery with toothpaste for a polished look. It's cheap and easy!

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When to be Mindful

  • Remove your jewellery when you're about to participate in any type of sports, physical activity or labour. Exposure to cleaning fluids and chemicals may damage your jewellery.
  • Put your jewellery on after make-up application or hair styling. This will prevent exposure of chemicals contained in beauty products onto your jewellery. 
  • Before jumping in the pool, the best practice is to remove your jewellery. Chlorine causes discolouration and structural damage to the metals. Also, you may lose your jewellery in the pool so it's best avoid wearing it altogether.
  • Remove your jewellery before bathing or washing your hands since sud soap tends to make your pieces appear dull.

How to Store Your Jewellery

Keep your jewellery in a cool, dry climate that is away from direct sunlight. Invest in a quality jewellery case for your travels or everyday use.

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With these tips and tricks we hope that you can enjoy your jewellery for a lifetime and pass them down as heirlooms to the ones you love.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


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