Types of Gold Jewellery

People often wonder about the difference between gold plated vs. gold vermeil jewellery and don't worry, we got your back! At Sisterberry & Co., we take pride in offering only the finest quality pieces, which is why we exclusively carry gold vermeil and solid gold jewellery in our shop.
Our gold vermeil pieces are coated with a minimum of 2.5 microns of gold with 925 sterling silver as the base metal. As a result, it offers higher quality than gold plated jewellery and is suitable for sensitive skin. The pieces are affordable and great for everyday wear. That's why we refrain from stocking gold plated accessories, as we only desire the finest for you.
Types of Gold Jewellery

And of course solid gold is the best of the best. The impeccable quality of pure gold does come at a price but it's worth it. Solid gold jewellery is an investment piece suitable for all skin types. It is resistant to tarnish and is an excellent choice for everyday wear. If solid gold fits within your budget, it is the ideal option.

There you have it, a quick breakdown of the different types of gold. Happy shopping!

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